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Mounting Windows shared folders with VirtualBox running Linux

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I had problems mapping my shared windows folders onto the virtual Ubuntu installation, the documentation didn’t help at all, this is what I found in the help files:

> mount -t vboxsf [-o OPTIONS] sharename mountpoint

But that didn’t work, however after Googling a bit I found a blog entry which worked for me, using the following command instead:

> mount.vboxsf storage /storage

Where my shared folder on windows is named storage and map to my D drive:

Shared folders Mounting Windows shared folders with VirtualBox running Linux

Written by Thomas Bindzus

August 30th, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Screen resolution for Ubuntu on VirtualBox

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I found a really interesting framework called Node which is using JavaScript to create network applications, it’s build on Google’s V8 engine, really sweet! I hope to write some interesting posts later about Node but I have only just started looking at the examples Today.

However my first challenge was that Node is only tested under cygwin on Windows, so instead of installing cygwin I decided to create a virtual machine using VirtualBox, because it shouldn’t be too easy and because I have long wanted to try out a Linux desktop, but I still need my Windows for a number of things, so while I figure out how to completely move to Linux, it’s going to be nice with a virtual solution just to try it out.

Installing VirtualBox was not hard, it took only a few minutes, I prepared a virtual machine for Ubuntu configured with 512 MB memory and 8 GB virtual hard disk. Over night the Ubuntu ISO was downloaded – yeah, my Internet connection is not that fast, comes with the territory.

I am really amazed by the improvements on installers for Linux now a days and Ubuntu’s installer was no exception, it’s just so much easier than it used to be. I recall the first easy to use installer as being for the Mandrake distribution, but I am not entirely sure about that. I got Ubuntu installed and I just had one small problem; the screen resolution of the virtual machine was not more than 800 x 600, which didn’t look nice on my 1440 x 900 monitor.

After messing around a bit with things and having made a number of wrong installs on the virtual machine, realizing that my Linux capabilities have become a bit rusty, I finally figured it out; setting the resolution should not be made from within the virtually installed OS – no, in my case a setting on the virtual machine’s configuration did the trick, I enabled the Remote Display server and suddenly I had access to many different screen resolutions when I booted my Ubuntu virtual machine.

VirtualBox Screen resolution for Ubuntu on VirtualBox

At first I didn’t realize I had solved my problem, because the screen resolution only really worked for me when I was running in full screen mode, so it’s a great advantage that I have two monitors. Now one monitor can run Ubuntu on VirtualBox in full screen, and the other monitor displays my Windows 7 desktop and because of seamless mode I just move my mouse over to the virtual machine and I can begin to interact with it, really nice!

I am very impressed with VirtualBox, I have used VMWare in the past, but I must say that this beats it, especially on the price icon smile Screen resolution for Ubuntu on VirtualBox And perhaps in the future my main operating system will become Ubuntu and I will be back on Linux again, that wouldn’t be too bad at all, then my Windows 7 can run virtually instead and I might actually be able to move the mouse even during I/O operations.

Written by Thomas Bindzus

August 29th, 2010 at 12:34 am

HTML5 the beginning

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I haven’t had much time to learn much about HTML5 but here the other day I came across Chrome Experiments which contains a lot of small to larger experiments utilizing HTML5 features.

The site is awesome and there is a lot of inspiration to gather from the experiments. I tried out a few, and will return again later, with the Harmony experiment I created the following sketch in few minutes, so much fun.

Sadness 300x217 HTML5 the beginning

Written by Thomas Bindzus

August 24th, 2010 at 11:28 pm

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