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After upgrading to Mountain Lions problems

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After installing Mountain Lion my MacPorts installation started acting funny, and my Apache server (installed through port) didn’t work anymore, the installation of Mountain Lion had re-activated the built-in web sharing Apache server.

A guide to install MacPorts on Mountain Lion is available here: http://www.macports.org/install.php

I followed the guide upgrading Xcode to version 4.4.1, then installed the command-line tools, but then I kept receiving this error message when I continued with the MacPorts installation:

Error: Can’t run /Developer/usr/bin/xcodebuild (no such file).

I could not call xcodebuild from the terminal anymore, but then I stumbled upon a setting in Xcode’s preferences where I could choose which command-line tools I wanted to use, a bit silly since there were only one option:

Screen Shot 2012 08 16 at 11.54.34 PM 300x212 After upgrading to Mountain Lions problems

If the drop down box appears empty, then click on it once to activate the command-line tools for 4.4.1

I found this to be the easiest way to restore my command-line tools, and now I’m going to continue my MacPorts installation, perhaps I’ll run into more problems as I continue…

2012.08.19 3:47 – Update: Still not done with MacPorts installation icon sad After upgrading to Mountain Lions problems it stalled at Gimp, turned out that:

sudo xcodebuild -license

was necessary to install Gimp.

It wasn’t long before I was stucked again, because the latest version of MongoDB from MacPorts is not compatible with version 1.50 of the boost library, so now I’m downgrading using these references:


Still building boost 1.49… might as well get some sleep while its getting done.

2012.08.21 2:20 – Update: MongoDB running again, Gimp still not working, and the Apache server cannot be started, which apachectl keeps pointing to /usr/sbin/apachectl, have a strong feeling that it should be pointing to /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl. Attempted to start my apache server, some configurations errors, too tired, must fix tomorrow… oh yeah MacPorts all updated now weeee, but Gimp oh Gimp come back!

2012.08.21 2:52 – Update: Grrr… I never listen to myself should be sleeping, but Apache config fixed, so I can start the Apache server manually, hooray for a bit of progress. Tomorrow I’ll have to re-install Gimp I guess… and figure out how to get the right apachectl to respond, already updated my PATH, but apparently I’m too tired to figure it out right now.

2012.08.21 3:05 – Update: Okay I get it… after restarting my Mac all web-sites are loaded, the Apache server is running weeee! But I want to control my server with apachectl, so I’ve made a softlink in /opt/local/bin which is first in my PATH already, now the right apachectl is used! Had to open a new terminal afterwards though, but I’m satisfied.

sudo ln -s /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl apachectl

I figured out why Gimp is not loading, X11 is not included in Mountain Lion: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5293, so I have to download XQuartz from here: http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/ and it’s almost ready to install…

2012.08.21 3:28 – Update: XQuartz installed, that was easy enough, logout and login, trembling… Cmd + Space, typing… gimp, Enter weeee, it’s loading, I have my Gimp back, how could I forget, that it’s running on X11 icon smile After upgrading to Mountain Lions problems Now I even think I deserve a bit of sleep! I hope that was my last hurdle after upgrading to Mountain Lion… then again perhaps not, because I’ve just ordered the largest beast of an SSD extension kit for MacBook Air 2011 from Other World Computing, 128 GB simply isn’t enough (for me), and I want dual boot (work requires Windows 7 installed).

Written by Thomas Bindzus

August 17th, 2012 at 12:50 am

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